Web Utility For ASP.Net

Rendering data/reports comes with a lot of approaches that depend on the client's needs. These pieces of codes can simplify your work.

The solution has a project, WEB.UTIL which contains the ff classes/functions:

  • Client 
    • GetIPAddress - Gets your client's IP.
  • Convertion
    • ToDataTable - Converts your List<>, .txt file, string to DataTable
  • DataTableExtensions - Serves as extended property for your DataTable
    • WriteToCSVFile - Exports your DataTable to CSV (with file destination)
    • DownloadToCSVFile - Converts/Downloads CSV from DataTable
    • DownloadTxtFile - Converts/Downloads Txt from DataTable (xml is needed to define the format)
    • GetText - Reads the DataTable and converts records into string (xml is needed to define the format)
    • ExportToPDF - Converts/Downloads PDF from DataTable
    • WriteToPDF - Exports your DataTable to PDF (with file destination)
  • FTP
    • Upload - upload any file via FTP
    • ReadTxt - Reads a txt file from FTP and return the string
  • Page
    • ClearForm - clears the textbox, checkbox, etc from a page


By referencing WEB.UTIL you get such functions that'll get the job done and will surely minimize your code.


Got more questions? Please see the documention page.


**This is intended for sharing purposes only. Some functions may not be appropriate to you. You may change/delete/correct the names, logic, and etc that'll suit your needs.

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